Pet Tributes

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Birdie, my love, was a beautiful all white Himalayan with green eyes. I had the honor of being her human for almost 14 years and she brought me a lot of laughter and companionship during that wonderful time. Between Hello and Goodbye there was love. So much love.



Zoie Samuels was an extraordinary cat who brightened every room she entered. She loved being outside, enjoying fresh air and sunshine as much as possible. She was a well-traveled cat, as she lived in four different states. She was born in Kansas, eventually calling New York, Florida, and Colorado her homes. Despite being a creature…



On July 16, we lost a piece of our hearts with the passing of our first-born fur baby, Barney. He was 18 years, 7 months and 11 days old, and we were blessed to love him from the age of 10 weeks. We are devastated but comforted that his pain is over, and he’s now…


Kalub and Sadie

We’re so grateful for the compassion, patience, and support from Dr. Megan. Saying final goodbyes to loved ones is an extremely difficult thing to do, and we’re thankful that Dr. Megan could come to our home to help us send Kalub and Sadie over the rainbow bridge, surrounded by love ones. Thank you Caring Pathways…



My heart dog, my shadow and best friend. Words can’t express the gift you gave us when you came into our world. We are so devastated that you were taken away at such a young age with such an aggressive cancer. We wish we could have saved you. Until we meet again, run free my…


Kingstin Bear

Our sweet, old Kingstin Bear passed only a few days ago. He was our first baby and he is so dearly missed. Truly loved! The pain of losing him has been so hard and we are so grateful for the nearly 15 years together. What a buddy and friend! We miss you big guy more…



Our beloved Cairn Terrier, Brinna, was diagnosed with intestinal myeloma a month ago. She put on her brave face and so the final journey began. We were given the hope for a reprieve from what she was going through, but it was short lived. The drugs stopped working and the chemo made her worse. I…


Patty Cake

I’ve had Patty Cake for 13 years. She started as a family pet that we adopted on a whim and ended up outliving her brother and our dog, which none of us expected. Always a lover of food, nothing could get in the way of Patty and her meals. If she wasn’t eating, she was…



Sweet Loki crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few days ago unexpectedly at 7 years old. He was half chihuahua, half terrier and all scruff. His puppy parent rescued him from a client in Tennessee at 4 weeks old and then he moved across the country to Colorado a few short months later. He was our…

Tribute Kona


Kona, you left your paw prints on our souls forever. Kind, funny, loyal, stoic. There are not enough words to describe how amazing you were and how much you will be missed. We will love you always and see you soon.