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Pet Tributes

Every pet's story deserves to be heard. Please contact us via email to share your precious companion's story on our pet tributes page, or our pet memorial page on Instagram.



We adopted Ginger in August 2010 and loved her until she went over the Rainbow Bridge on June 1st, 2018. We have made so many wonderful memories that we will have forever.   We will always blessed with her wonderful spirit.



We lost our little buddy Mario May 20, 2018.  We rescued Mario as a stray at about 1 year old, and he was our best friend for 20 years, living to be 21 years old. He was a wild child, but grew up to be a big butter cup- a living teddy bear.  He was…

Tribute for Mokijoe


It has been a few months now since we said goodbye to you Mokijoe but not a day goes by that we don’t think about you.  Every day at 4:30pm on the dot we listen for our little “tiny dancer” to start tap dancing around the kitchen waiting for dinner.  It is a suund that we would…

Snowball Tribute


We recently had to say goodbye to Snowball, our faithful companion, who loved us all unconditionally for 15 years. She was an unstoppable silly dog, relentless protector and loved us and our children their whole lives. There was never a day that she did not brighten our day, help us wipe away our tears, or…



It’s been three weeks since I said goodbye to Star, my companion and best friend since 2004. Our journey started on a late summer night in September of 2004 when her original owners left her in the overnight box at the Dumb Friends League.  Her leg had a gash from an injury and they couldn’t…

Dream Butterfly

Dream Butterfly “D.B.”

Thank you to Dr.Alexis for helping our beloved kitty, DB, peacefully find her way to her eternal rest.  DB was the ten year old animal companion of our dear youngest brother. He died last June.  We had promised him we would take his cats into our home and cherish them in his memory.  We were…



Monte was the best part of my life. Shortly afterwards I lost a dear friend who brought me comfort when I needed it most. I know they are both waiting for me and when the time comes it will be a grand reunion. <3 . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtrjTzEDjak “Just a Dog” From time to time, people tell…



It has been nearly a week since we said goodbye to Strauss. Strauss adopted us 6 years ago when he was 11 years old. We said goodbye to him at 17 years old. He was a neighborhood tramp who we ran into on one of our evening walks. The next day, I saw him on…

Rocco Swaney


Rocco was just 6 weeks old when I brought him home from the Boulder human society . The cutest puppy ever , as you can see from his pictures! He was so smart , goofy & loved his family ! Born with bad hips , but that never stoped or slowed him down he lived…


Katie “The Boo”

My dog the Boo ( also known as Katie) was my rock during some hard months.   When I first found out about all her health issues, I had just filed for divorce after 17 years of marriage. My ex had left with our other dog and it was just the Boo and I. I…


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