Pet Tributes

Every pet's story deserves to be heard. Please contact us via email to share your precious companion's story on our pet tributes page, or our pet memorial page on Instagram.



Lily came to us on February 20th, 12 years ago as what they thought was a 3 year old dog. From the moment we met her she melted our hearts and became a solid member of our family. The night we brought her home she curled up in her bed and slept all night as…

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We want to thank you all, especially Dr. Megan, for your wonderful, compassionate care for our beautiful Stella and for us. We called a month ago as we realized Stella was unable to walk and suffering so much. Dr Megan came and was so gentle and caring and made this process so much easier. We…

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Our sweet Brio passed away on March 24th. He lived to be 10 years and 8 months old. Brio was a tenderhearted boy, who loved the snow, chasing the laser pointer, swimming, digging holes at the dog park, and rolling around in mud. He was an only dog until 2014, when we moved in with…

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In the midst of this global crisis, our family had to say goodbye to our big girl, Princess Zelda. I can remember when she was small enough to fit into my hand. We watched her grow into a 110lb gentle giant and she watched the boys grow into young men. She was our family’s most…



Rocky, my Little Boy. For 9 years he brought us, and everyone who met him, much joy & happiness, laughter & love. As I grieve, and try to heal from the loss of him, I ask myself — how do I move forward? My answer is— What would Rocky Do? Rocky would keep loving life…

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It was finally the time to make the heartbreaking decision to help my Zoe girl (Zoezy, Zoezilla, Pistol Pants, Mama, Baby Girl) cross the bridge on Sat. 3.7.20. She went at home on my bed with me very peacefully. Thank you to Caring Pathways for their help and support. She had been such an amazing…



Will the Circle Be Unbroken? A Tribute to my Dog Teddy He was a rescue dog who rescued me, giving me ten years of love and companionship, Greeting me whenever I came home Following me with his all-seeing lazy eye, promising mischief Bringing me joy with his favorite game “Get the Teddy” Leading the way…



Kismet was a very interactive cat! Quite independent, but not aloof. She would teach me the games she wanted to play, like hide & seek. Gone way too soon, but such a wonderful person whom I was blessed to have in my life!



Sweet Fishy. Our girl never asked for anything more than a spot in the sun, a warm fuzzy bed and the occasional treat (okay, lots of treats). You see how it was impossible to refuse that little fuzzy face. I miss her musical purr, calm presence and the silkiest fur ever. Much much love to…



Courage became part of our family as a terrified senior dog who had been kept in a cage outdoors at a Puppy Mill all his life. Rescued at the age of 10, he had no idea how to be a dog, no idea how to live in a house, or any of the other things…