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Pet Tributes

Every pet's story deserves to be heard. Please contact us via email to share your precious companion's story on our pet tributes page, or our pet memorial page on Instagram.



Sully was my best friend. I miss him so much but his courage and his spirit will always be with me. Aside from being a wonderful dog, Sully dealt with his epilepsy as though it were an occasional problem that he overcame over and over again with bravery and determination. He was determined not to…



Emma passed one day after Mothers Day. She was rescued from a breeder and we adopted her 9 years ago. An angel that did not know how to be a dog. How to play, how to trust, how to eat out of a bowl. After about 6 months Emmie ran to my husband and jumped…



Duncan died last night. I was there, as I promised him I would be, to feel his last heartbeat, to breathe his last breath. Though there are so many tragedies in the world today and every day, and I feel them all, it does not lessen the grief I feel at his passing. Anyone who…

Smokey likes quilts


Thank you to Caring Pathways for your donation to the Morris Animal Foundation in memory of my beloved cat, Smokey. When I adopted Smokey from a shelter in Pasadena, CA I was told he was 6 years old. He added so much to my life all the 11 years we were together. For over 3…

nadi 1 (1)


Nadi (aka Pookie Bear) This precious soul entered our lives January 2nd, 2015.  We decided our youngest daughter needed a friend of the animal kind so we drove to the local animal shelter to take a look.  At the end of the row in the last kennel on the left there was the most beautiful…

rue 4


Just wanted to reach out and send many thanks for all of the love you brought to us in our difficult decision to help our Rue cross over Rainbow Bridge. Dr. JoAnna was absolutely amazing. She did everything with such grace and respect. I’m not sure myself personally would have been able to handle letting…

Chelsea and Stefan-Ceremony-0013


There are not enough words to describe how special Maddie was, not just to us but to every person that met her. Simply looking into her sweet eyes put you at ease and made you realize how much Maddie loved you. Her favorite things were camping, getting pets, and eating anything and everything she could…


Browny (Bean)

My Sweet Lil Beanie …just the most Perfect Little Lass but, your Love and Light You,… You, were SO BIG!! You, were the Cutest Wee Rebel The Sweetest of Any!! Many, after meeting you, had said, “I don’t really like small dogs.” To the point that, upon hearing that stated We could count on what…



Speck (2004 – 2019) We rescued Speck from a shelter in 2004, as we wanted to find a companion cat for my daughter and our other cat, Kelly (1996-2015).  Of all the cats in the shelter’s cat room, I noticed Speck followed me as I walked around the cages looking at the many kittens and…



Nine years ago I was looking at puppies online when I came across a photo of little puppy #96. I immediately called my friend over, pointed at the picture, and told her “That’s my dog.” There was no doubt in my mind. When I went to the rescue to get her, they put her and…


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