Feb 1, 2024

January 27th, we had to say goodbye to our beloved 15 year-young kitty, Basya. 💔

She had the cutest meows and the loudest purrs. She didn’t like being held, but really (and this means really) enjoyed butt scratches. She was a wonderful companion who would greet every family member from school or work.  In the mornings, Basya would lay on top of your head, purr very loudly and did not stop licking your cheek until you were awake to give her breakfast.  Basya loved her macaroon toys and enjoyed backyard sunbathing while Mom was working in the garden.  Our kitty was a great TV watching companion and she always had her own seat at the dinner table.  Basya was adopted from a shelter at age 5 with her sister (or maybe daughter) Dima (Smokey), of whom she was very protective.  We hope she gets to reunite with Dima and her other big friends – cats Valik, Simba, Rhuzhik and dog Rudi on the rainbow bridge 🌈.

We will meet again, our “little manager”, our “little Kielbasa “🤎

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