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The Second Annual Pet Memorial Day Event in Centennial

The Second Annual Pet Memorial Day Event

There is nothing quite like being in a space that is full of grief and love. There is something in the air that cannot be present in any other place. There is a heaviness yet a lightness. There is sadness yet laughter and love. Grief is simply the reaction we have to loving someone who…

Crazy cat is resting.

Black Cat Appreciation Day

August 17th, 2019 Black cat appreciation day is here! Time to celebrate all things black cat and learn a little more about the wonderful world of “house panthers”. Black cats are among the most common color of cats seen in the U.S. While some believe they are less likely to be adopted they are actually…

Patriotic mixed breed Terrier dog walking on street parade with stars and stripes hat.

Fourth of July Tips for Pet Safety

The 4th of July is a wonderful time to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy in the U.S.A. It’s also a day off for many people, allowing us to spend time with our loved ones including our pets. While many people have heard fireworks and pets don’t mix, there are other areas of 4th of July…

tired man and old cat working together and loving each other, real love - have faith in / trusting

Your Senior Pet’s Bucket List

When the time comes to say goodbye to our family pets, having a bucket list in mind is something that a number of people choose to do to make valuable lasting memories. A bucket list is just as individual and unique as our pets themselves. There is no one way to approach the making and…

Portrait of cheerful extended family lying on front in the park

Consider Adopting a Senior Shelter Pet – Senior Pets Available at the Dumb Friends League

With April 30th being “National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day”, we at Caring Pathways would like to shine a light on an often overlooked segment of the pet population that makes up possibly the highest risk group at shelters: senior pets. Please consider adopting a senior pet at the Dumb Friends League.

Cat for St Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day: Irish Pet Breeds

 As we celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland on the 17th of March, it is a fitting time to celebrate all things Irish. Did you know there are dogs and cats whose roots are traced to Ireland? For some it’s clear from the name while others are a little less obvious. While this is not an…

Beautiful senior woman on a walk with her dog in sunny winter nature.

How to Help Your Senior Pet’s Mobility in the Winter

Are you worried about your senior dog slipping on the ice this winter and keeping him from getting the movement and enrichment that walks provide? Here are some helpful products and tips that can help your mobility challenged pet be safer on slippery surfaces such as ice and snow-covered stairs: Traction booties– found in pet…

Mandi with Mabel the black cat

The Journey to Goodbye: Update from Mandi

Written by: Mandi Browning Mabel has been doing pretty good. She sleeps a bit more and it takes her longer to get comfy but she seems to be feeling well. Today is her 6 month blood work check up. These always make me anxious. I dread the day when they say that her kidney levels…

Senior dog christmas wish list

Your Senior Pet’s Christmas Wish List

Your pet, like most loved ones, would like comfort and joy for the holidays but how do you provide for those needs? The tube of tennis balls that were once a favorite of your dog may not have the same draw they once did. The toy mice which your kitty once enjoyed playing with may…


Final Resting Place

Over the years I have said goodbye to 14 pets I have loved and lost. Each and every time I had cremains returned to me without a plan for where the cremains would eventually be placed. While cremation and disposition of the cremains is a highly personal decision, I knew I wanted cremains returned even…