a compassionate way to say goodbye in your own home

A compassionate way to say goodbye in your own home.

Caring Pathways: In-Home Compassionate Pet Care at Life's End

He’s been with you through thick and thin. She was the rock you needed, and the unconditional love you craved. Together you experienced life, providing the best for them then, and knowing the end-of-life walk must be the same high-level of tenderness and care.

The final stage of life for your beloved pet is here. You knew what to do in caring for them as they lived, but now you are facing their final days. You need someone beside you, guiding you with support and care for your unique situation when you have these important questions.

Walking with You Through Each Step of the Journey

"I’m not ready yet for euthanasia, but I don’t know if it’s time for euthanasia yet."

  • Schedule a TeleAdvice appointment for an assessment.

"I want my pet to be comfortable in their final days, and not in pain."

"What can I do to prepare myself for saying good-bye?"

  • From Bucket Lists to Grief Support during your final journey with your pet, you’ll find it all here.

"I know my pet, and the time has come for me to say good-bye."

"I just need to talk with someone who can guide me in where I should turn, and what I should do right now."

  • Our entire Care Team is here for you, and we’re just a click away to walk with you.

"My heart is shattered, and I don’t know what I need to do right now for my beloved pet."

  • We understand. This is an incredibly difficult time, and our Care Team will be the gentle voice you need. We’re right here.


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We are so grateful for Dr. Eddie Desko and the entire Caring Pathways team. From my initial call and virtual appointment/health assessment with Dr. Emilea, to the final goodbye with Dr. Desko, we would have been lost without their guidance and compassion. We could not have asked for a more peaceful experience as our Charlie crossed the rainbow bridge, and I am so grateful to the doctors for the confidence they instilled in the decisions we had to make.

- Jennifer Moses

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