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Burial and Cremation

The Caring Pathways team can help you navigate the difficult waters of pet loss, right to the very end. We understand that even the question of body care can be a difficult decision, and our team desires to help you with kind and compassionate counseling before your pet’s passing to ensure that we understand your wishes. This allows us to carry out your wishes for you without any particular requirements on your part.

Home Burial

We suggest that you check with your local city or county regarding their regulations and the legality of home burial. We also encourage you to have the burial site prepared and that the site is at least 4 ½-5 feet deep. We will discuss this with you during our visit. Having the burial site prepared beforehand allows you to have more time for memorializing and honoring your pet at the time of euthanasia.

Pet Cemetery Burial

If you are interested in using a pet cemetery for body care we can direct you to the two pet cemeteries that we recommend: We would advise you to contact either of these pet cemeteries several days in advance of our appointment for euthanasia so they can be prepared to help you as you choose. We have found both of these services to be very helpful to pet owners. girlwithwhitedog burialCremation3

Pet Cremation Services

The Caring Pathways team works with Pet Cremation Services for body care. Our team will take care of transportation to the cremation location, removing that burden from you. We also arrange for the payment of the crematory services at the time of our euthanasia appointment so that you have one less thing to worry about during this very difficult time. There are three categories of defined cremation services available:
  • Private Cremation – Your pet is cremated as the only pet in the crematorium which allows us to return your pet’s ashes to you
  • Separated Cremation – Your pet is placed with other pets in the crematorium and set apart at an adequate distance to allow us to return your pet’s ashes to you. There may be some slight crossover of ashes
  • Communal Cremation – Your pet is placed with a number of other pets and not separated. In this case we will not be able to return your pet’s ashes to you
If you have any questions regarding these three options, our Client Relations Team will be able to assist you on the phone. As always, we appreciate the opportunity to help and serve you in this very sad time. A compassionate way to say goodbye.
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