The Caring Pathways Student Externship Program

If you’re a veterinary student interested in learning the art and science of in-home pet hospice and end-of-life care with the leading provider in the industry, consider an externship with Caring Pathways! Our externships provide a truly unique opportunity to elevate your experience and deepen your understanding of quality of life discussions, in-home hospice care and euthanasia. 

To apply, please email your resume or CV and proposed externship dates to our Student Liaison, Mavi Graves, DVM at dr.mavi@caringpathways.com.

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Externships are available at all three of our practice locations: Denver, CO, Virginia Beach, VA and Charlotte, NC.

What to Expect

Most externs choose to spend two weeks with Caring Pathways but time frames may be adjusted to meet student needs. Externships consist of ride-alongs with one or several veterinarians as they see between 2-5 in-home hospice and euthanasia appointments per day. Students can also expect to spend one half day shadowing our Client Care Team as they schedule appointments, as well as take a tour of a crematorium or aquamation center (opportunities vary by location).

Over the course of their externship, students will gain a wide breadth of valuable knowledge they can apply in future practice, including:

  • Knowledge of sedation and euthanasia protocols that provide the most consistently peaceful and pain-free experience for pets, as well as how to tailor sedation to meet an individual pet’s needs.
  • Exposure to alternative and advanced euthanasia techniques, including palpation, knowledge of anatomical landmarks, appropriate equipment selection, transportation techniques, and more.
  • Communication skills necessary to have quality of life discussions and to support pet families with professionalism, empathy and compassion.
  • Our comprehensive approach to hospice care including multimodal pain management, use of scientifically-validated integrative therapies and nutrition; ongoing check ins from our nursing team, as well as support for caregivers.

A small stipend is available to all externs to help offset costs of travel and lodging. All externs are expected to have their own vehicle as they may be asked to drive themselves while shadowing.

Here’s what Past Externs had to Say About Their Caring Pathways Experience

Ethan Y. Ontario Veterinary College of Medicine c/o 2024

“During the one short week I spent with Caring Pathways I had the luck to shadow 5 different doctors. It was very valuable to see the different approaches to the anesthetic/euthanasia protocols, as well as excellent communication and client care to help ease the owners’ grief.”

Alex H. Colorado State University c/o 2023

“I absolutely LOVED my Caring Pathways experience.  I gained SO MUCH valuable experience with CP.  I chose to do this because I don’t feel that we get enough euthanasia experience as a student, and I was so glad I chose to do this to gain more of that.  I truly feel that the shadowing that I did during this externship will help me immensely as a doctor.  Not only the communication skills that I observed, but the dosage/medication protocols and body care afterwards were so invaluable.”

Genevieve C. Cornell University c/o 2023

“I loved finally getting to see end-of-life care appointments in person, especially in the homes of clients. There are not many practices that will allow a veterinary student to travel with them to shadow these appointments so I was grateful for the opportunity to do so with Caring Pathways.”

Apply Today

To apply, please email your resume or CV and proposed externship dates to our Student Liaison, Mavi Graves, DVM at dr.mavi@caringpathways.com.

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