TeleAdvice Appointments

Let us visit your home through video conferencing to discuss your pet’s quality of life.

Living with a dear pet struggling because of age or illness is difficult, but hospice and palliative care is a gift you can provide for your pet and yourself.  A TeleAdvice Appointment with our highly-skilled veterinarians facilitate in-depth conversations using video conferencing to help you better understand the quality of your pet’s life. We’ll also explain options for comfort and end-of-life care. Our TeleAdvice Appointments are 30 minutes with a fee of $99.

*Note: While we are happy to schedule a TeleAdvice appointment with any family for any situation, there are limitations that prevent a thorough physical exam, diagnostics, and certain prescribing abilities due to state law, so if you are at the beginning of your pet’s end of life journey, a visit to your family veterinarian may be recommended to be sure your pet has the best quality of life possible during their journey.

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How does a TeleAdvice Appointment Work?

  1. Please fill out the TeleAdvice Request Form below in its entirety.
  2. Please expect a phone call from our CRT team within 24 hours. If you have not received a response within 24 hours, please call the Caring Pathways Client Relations Team. 
  3. Choose a time that works for your family that you and your pet will be available, without distractions, to have a face-to-face virtual meeting. Your veterinarian may want to see your pet during the consult to evaluate their breathing, attitude, comfort, ability/lack of ability to stand and walk, physical ailments, etc…
  4. At your scheduled time, you may visit with your veterinarian on your phone, laptop, tablet, etc…
  5. Click on the link provided in your email to open the virtual platform. No apps are typically needed.
  6. The appointment will generally follow these steps and will be recorded (with your permission):
    • A visual introduction to your pet.
    • Discussion about how to objectively measure quality of life long term.
    • Your pet’s specific concerns and what to expect as you move forward in this journey.
    • Our veterinarian will give you an objective opinion about your pet’s current status, and how a humane euthanasia looks like in the home, when the time comes.
  7. Regardless of whether you elect palliative care or humane euthanasia during your appointment, your veterinarian will email you the appointment summary, Quality of Life information, handouts pertinent to your pet’s condition(s), and grief support resources.
  8. Your Caring Pathways veterinarian will contact your family veterinarian via email and share your pet’s Care Plan so that your pet’s care team is on the same page moving forward.

Scheduling a TeleAdvice Appointment

TeleAdvice Appointment Request Form

Please complete the detailed intake form above to schedule a TeleAdvice Appointment. Your request will be reviewed by a veterinarian who will follow up with email instructions, scheduling options, and a web link to join the video conference within 1-2 days.

Please check your email daily after submitting your request as this will be our initial follow up in communication, thank you.

Note: You can participate using an Internet-connected smart phone, tablet, or computer, a webcam and microphone are required to engage with the video conference.


A compassionate way to say goodbye.