What sets us apart?

The Caring Pathways team operates on a very personal level, ensuring that we are doing exactly what our clients need for their pets. We operate on an on-call basis because we believe it is so important for our team to be available whenever we are needed. We know how important the personal care for our clients really is and we make every effort to respond to calls as quickly as possible, as a part of our commitment to excellent service.

Hear from the testimonials of other pet owners

Testimonial from Laura Reuther

We said goodbye to our sweet rescue Bichon, Daisy, yesterday, with the help of Dr. Megan. It was a kind and compassionate experience for my girl, and I am so grateful to both Dr. Megan and Caring Pathways during this difficult time.

Testimonial from the Reinhard Family

Morty was in our world the kindest and sweetest little boy. He was in our family 6 years after we adopted him from the Denver Dumb Friends League. The frequency of his wagging tail could power entire neighborhoods as a wind-based source of electricity. Obviously a very sad process to euthanize a beloved pet/family member,…

Testimonial from Nicole Mouras Rottier

Cosmo found me when I was a senior in college in Reading, PA. He is my soulmate cat. Cosmo has been with me for every important moment in my life from college, to my engagement to my husband, to getting married, moving across the country, having my human children. When I was afraid of the…

Testimonial from Roger Hamilton

Making the phone call to Caring Pathways in order to schedule a time to do what had to be done, was absolutely one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but I am so glad that I did. I have never used an at home service like this before so I didn’t really…

Testimonial from Erica Spitz

I can’t thank Caring Pathways and Dr. Steve enough for taking care of our baby, Arya. The professionalism, compassion, understanding, and care shown by Dr. Steve made us feel at ease when it was time to see our girl to the other side. We are eternally grateful. Words cannot express our gratitude. Thank you thank…

Words from one of our veterinarians, Dr. Mavi Graves:

"As an end-of-life veterinarian, providing as smooth and peaceful of a transition as possible for pets in the comfort of home is a vocation I honestly look forward to every day. I still cry a little bit almost every day supporting pets and pet families on what may be the saddest day of their life, but I am always honored to help families give their pets the gift of a good death at the end of a life well-lived. As one end-of-life vet put it, 'Where there is grief, there is great love, and all day long I’m looking at that love.'"


A compassionate way to say goodbye.