May 18, 2021

Today we said goodbye to my best friend, Chanel. It has caused the kind of heartbreak that crushes your chest and takes your breath away. Even though I was terrified of this day, I honestly couldn’t even imagine my life without her. How do you even say bye to the one constant companion for your entire adult life and almost half of your whole life? She saw me graduate from college, move across the entire country-and back, witness me fall in love, marry, the births of both of my girls, heartbreaks, the worst of times, and the best of times. She was always there by my feet for it all, waiting to make sure I was ok every time I opened the door. She had the kind of breath that only her Mama would love, the warm snuggly body that could put anyone to sleep or comfort anyone’s tears, the kind of energy that made you want to explore the world, and the best rubber ball kissable nose. She was part of me-one of the best parts and now I will just not be whole without my Moosh. She was the best of the best and we are feeling completely devastated. Thank you for 17 incredible years my baby-there are not enough words to compose an adequate tribute to your wonderful life and companionship.
I will try to remember she’s in a better place and pain free, but for now.. I’ll just snuggle her lamb chop and desperately miss my first baby.

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