Jollie Bean

Dec 18, 2023

My sweet little boy was a neighbors dog they “just set free” living on the street, he would come to my house to eat cat food I put out for the feral cats. I talked to the neighbor to confirm that I could keep him. After talking to them I began looking for a great home for him. I already had 3 dogs. It took about 6 weeks but I found him a home. I took him to his new home and cried all the way home after I said my goodbyes. About 10:30pm (5 hours later) I heard him barking at my front door. I open the door he ran in the house jumped up on the bed and climbed under the covers. I never looked back, he was clearly mine! 15 years later I said a different kind of goodbye and miss my sweet boy everyday. Last year I lost him and 2 others all are greatly missed. All waiting for me when I take my leave.

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