Jan 5, 2024

This was really hard to write took me 3 weeks but my chemo was with me for 15 years. I got her at a rescue and from there they said I had to come back in a week as she was a very sick puppy and they couldn’t release her until she was better. The longest week of my life. I didn’t sleep, and when I would get some rest I had nightmares but when that next Saturday came up I was the first one there and made sure I had her in my arms and it was like that through out her beautiful life. She loved going to the mountains. And any bye bye trips. And when I rescued her sister Sabe a year later she was such a brave big sister. Those 2 were in separable they slept together vet appointments. Everything they were only apart once in their life and that was for Sabe surgery. But my Chemo girl lived in Vegas, we had many different house, lots of friends she was spoiled she always greeted you where her kisses and friendly head pat she wanted. She warmed everyone heart she cheered with us during football season. But her favorite thing was to be next to me everywhere I went she wanted to be by my side. Every time we went out she got some many compliments and always did tricks for people, and her blue eye we tell people that’s the eye of truth. She was the best dog ever she was my number 1. I miss her dearly and so does he sister Sabe and the newest member of our clan Semper which he and Chemo share the same birthday. She definitely traded off some of her traits to him. But there will never be another Chemo. Miss you my baby girl. Love you very much. ❤️🐕

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