Sep 18, 2023

My sweet Mia… you didn’t even have a chance to grow old and gray.  I am so grateful that we had 5 ½ years with you.   You were my best friend and companion through all the good times and the bad.  I fell in love with you the second you jumped into my lap and licked my face.  You were the best puppy!

You helped me through the seclusion of the pandemic and were always ready to get outside and stroll for miles and miles around the city.  I am going to miss having you as my shadow everywhere I go… always there looking up at me with your sweet eyes.  You were such a wonderful constant of unconditional love.

I’m so sorry that I had to put you through so many vet visits, chemotherapy appointments, pills, and surgery… but it gave us another year together and for me it was worth every minute of it.  I hope you didn’t suffer too much.

I will remember you always and I hope that someday I will get to see you again.

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