Royal Ann

Feb 22, 2024

I rescued Royal when she was ten days old, when she was near dead, and in return, she rescued me many times over these last 19 years. She showed me what the will to live was when, at the age of ten days, the vet said she wasn’t going to make it. By the age of 8 weeks, not only had she survived, but she had already surpassed where she should have been. That memory is the reason I fought like I have after having brain surgery, but she also gave me the opportunity to be her mommie. Even though I wasn’t perfect and sometimes I screwed up, just being her mommie was everything good in this world. Now, without her, I’m broken and incomplete, but the lesson she showed everyone she ever met was…you must go on because no one is going to wait for you. And like she always did, she just went on before me, to protect me. I just wish I could have gone with her, but till I see you again, my “Lil Boo Boo,” mommie’s got your ‘6’ and I will always love you, till my last days.

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