Jul 21, 2022

Jarvis, was our constant companion for almost 13 years, truly the canine love of our lives. . By our sides through some of the worst and hardest moments of life, BUT even more so … he was there through our joyous occasions, through life’s blessings and all the daily happy and silly moments, that were made all the better by his presence. Jarvis was a force of nature unlike any other dog I’ve known… Confident, feisty, loving, hilarious, handsome , independent, and bold . In his youth he had a wildness to him that We always admired but could also frustrate At times. His was a spirit that couldn’t be tamed. He was a light in our lives unlike any other. Rest In Peace Jarvis, may your afterlife have lots of tennis balls , snow too run in, more snacks then you know what to do with, lots of tall fences to hop over, and rivers to walk through. We love you always!

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