Aug 28, 2023

Meeko (aka Meeky Meeks, Meeky Teeky, and Meeker), will be forever be the embodiment of joy and love–she couldn’t GIVE or GET enough. She spent the first 11 years of her life with my Dad, all of his family, and her furry sisters until his death in 2016. He made me promise that I would take care of his 3 furry girls and Meeko was the treasure in a group of 3 really amazing dogs (that we added to our clan of two great dogs). She outlived 4 of the 5 in the rest of her 18 years. She was a puppy until the last days of her life–she even zoomed around after a haircut just a few days before her life as a puppy with us ended. I like to think I am sending her back across the rainbow bridge to jump all over our Dad–I miss them both but love that they might be together again somewhere. Love you sweet girl–thank you for sharing so much of your goodness with us.