Aug 28, 2023

We lost our faithful friend and family member Bella 8/7/2023
Dr. Kellie was so kind and gentle at the end. Much appreciated
Bella came to us some 17 years ago from Treasure Island in San Francisco, when she kept showing up at our son’s apartment, and when the landlord said get rid of the dog. She came to our home in Fort Collins.
It was like having another person in the family. She had emotions just like the rest of us, but always good natured unless there was a cat, and argument (she left the room), or thunder/fireworks
She loved to go places in the car, for long walks, snuggling next to you on the couch or in bed.
Her last year was tough becoming confused and wearing her self out confused in a strange setting, to the point of exhaustion.
Finally she lost the ability to walk, and only wanted to just be in a secure corner of her place in the bedroom or my daughter’s office
We had wonderful vets at Parker Animal Hospital that ran tests including MRI’s where we could see she had starting to have some mini strokes, and we struggled with what to do.
It was hard decision to let her go, but I truly believe that we will see her and my wife (who loved her so and died almost to year before Bella left).
So thankful she was in our life

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