Jul 27, 2023

For 8 years, Colt was a pillar of our family. Words won’t do him justice. More a roommate than a pet, he was independent, brave, tough as nails and my best friend. He was stoic till the end, weathering cancer until it finally overcame him. 8 years wasn’t long enough, but I was lucky to have him be a part of my life for what little time I had with him. I’ll miss his constant barking, his fit throwing for things he wanted, flipping empty food bowls and using his massive head to shove cats out of the spots on the couch he wanted. I’m devastated that now food is safer on the counters and coffee tables. The house seems silent without his snores. His final hours were on a comfortable couch, and watching the sunset next to his family, coming to rest in a chair he loved. I didn’t want his story to end the way it did, but Dr. Barajas gave him a comfortable, peaceful and dignified transition and for that I am eternally grateful. I’ll miss you big guy.

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