Jan 2, 2023

In 2009, when we were ready for another member to our family, we went to the Larimer Humane Society. There they had this adorable pup, approximately 6 month old named Lucy. She was white and spotted, like a leopard and her ears stuck up like a rabbits. She had a pink nose with freckles and a tail that wouldn’t stop. She was smart and funny and of course we fell in love. On the day that we went to pick Lucy up, she was sitting on top of a 3 1/2 foot counter looking out a window and we should have known then, that we were in for the ride of our lives! We had to sign a behavior waiver because of her “go getter” attitude. She caught on to potty training very quickly and learned the usual, sit, lie down, roll over but never stay or heel! I could use hand signals to get Lucy to roll over and to back up for a treat. I used to think it was funny if someone lying on the floor was suddenly backed into by Lucy and then sat on. She loved everyone she met but with her deep bark, she scared many. We sent her to obedience school in Loveland to learn commands and run off some energy. After a while a worker there told us that the owner would pinch her ears and between her paws to reprimand her. They would also tie her to a treadmill and make her run. That was it with obedience school! She was kicked out of two doggie day cares for being too crazy and we knew then that our house, yard and her family would be her safe place. She licked many a vet to death and scared one half to death! She definitely had pity in her and while a vet was giving Lucy her Rabies Vaccine, she turned around and he lost control of the needle. The needle went up into the air and right into his arm! She then was fired from the vet. We had used some great vets at the Pet Wellness Center before and decided to go there. We warned them about Lucy and her quirks with her paws and ears and her craziness. The first time Dr. Mok met her, she had jumped up on the exam table by herself and then tried to jump to the counter to get into the treats. She did not like her behind messed with at all and there was no way a thermometer was going to go up there! She would back herself up under a chair against the wall. Pet Wellness did not force it unless she was really sick. Trazadone was used for exams and peanut butter for her nails. After a while she settled and trusted. She did drag many a vet tech around with her strong muscles. At home, we had to put up a baby gate to keep her in a room but of course she jumped over that. We then put chairs in front of the baby gate but then she would jump the counter! Finally we found a solution of upside down barstools on top of the counter!! Our back yard was her sanctuary and you could find Lucy lying on top of the patio table or swinging on the swing. Because of her high energy, we had holes that almost went to China! ” OH LUCY!” , came out of our mouths more than once. She saw kids grow up and get married and new grandkids born, she was settled in her family. Then in 2016, we added Greyson the Greyhound to her pack. They were like Mutt and Jeff, peas and carrots and sometimes oil and water. They went everywhere together and never, ever left each other’s side. She loved her dad and would sleep curled up behind his legs on the couch. She had a stuffed baby duck that she would carry around in her mouth and hide. When she felt her baby wasn’t safe, she would hide it somewhere else and push it in place with her pink nose. Eventually, she would have to have it taken away because her nose would bleed. I think she would have either been a great mom and hid her babies so well, she wouldn’t have found them. Everyone would know when Lucy was on a walk because she would bark at everyone she met and they would respond, “Hi Lucy”. As the years went on she became arthritic and had dementia, but, I think, she would just keep going to us. She couldn’t stand to see anyone crying and she would be there to lick away their tears and be a comfort to them. She was doing that same thing the day we had to let her go. Run free now with the angels Lucy and if you see those pearly gates, jump over and then STAY there.

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