Jul 5, 2023

Puchi left us early on the evening of June 20, 2023. After some recent health struggles and a steep decline over the previous weeks, we made the very difficult decision to bring his life to an end. He spent much of the day outside, laying in the sun as he loved to do. Thanks to the stress-free services from Caring Pathways, he didn’t have to leave home, either. We were able to be right by his side in his final moments. Before he lay down for the last time, he mustered enough strength to stand up, look at us both, and give us his slow blink – a sign of trust and love from cats.

Then he was gone.

Puchi was with us for just over six years, joining us after a beloved owner passed away. No one knew how old he was, although his vets recently speculated that he was in his upper teens, if not older. He had difficulty being rehomed, and we were fortunate that no one else was up to the challenge of loving a 23-pound cat. He found his forever home with us, first in Kansas City, then in Denver, where he lived out his final years.

He was the most gentle cat I’d ever been around. Toddlers could follow Puchi around, playing with him, petting him, and tugging at his tail. When he’d had enough — of kids or adults — he’d touch his teeth to their hands, never biting down. He loved treats and often ran to the kitchen when he heard us there, hoping we’d pop open the treat jar and scatter a few on the floor. Puchi became a work-from-home co-worker, joining Jesse in the home office for hours every day — lounging, supervising, and providing instant stress relief from his presence. He made frequent Zoom appearances over the years. As a former outdoor cat, he longed to be outside and would walk with a leash if it meant a trip to the park. Though not naturally a cuddler, Puchi loved to doze off right by Guillermo’s side. Especially in his last few months, he made a habit of sleeping between our pillows, comforted by the presence of his people, and comforting us in return.

I never thought I would be so attached to cats, let alone heartbroken by one’s passing. But our pets become a part of our families in many ways. Puchi has been with us constantly for the past six years. We’ll miss him terribly. We already do.

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