Obe (the Obester)

Oct 14, 2022

Obe was my soulmate cat. We had an understanding of each other I have never experienced with a pet. Our bond was so very special and unexpected.

Every night before putting Obe to bed I would sing a song I had made up for him while I brushed him. Then I would put my forehead on his and, envisioning my heart next to his, I would say “my heart to yours, forever and a day, I will always love you”.

When Obe died he was curled up next to my chest. After he passed on, Dr. Holly was listening for a heartbeat and was extremely startled to hear one. I pulled away from him and when she listened again there was no heartbeat. She had been hearing my heartbeat through Obe.

For a short time my heart really was with his.

My heart to yours still, forever and a day, I will always love you, Obe.

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