Mar 18, 2021

I got Sasha from the Colorado Puppy Rescue. She was all alone in a crate and no one was even looking at her. She was 5 months old and was a Rottweiler/lab mix. I felt bad for her and when I met her in the Acquaintance cage, she swarmed me with a wiggling tail (stub) and seemed overjoyed that someone finally noticed her. My wife looked at me and said, “I guess we have another dog?” I nodded and smiled. Sasha was silly and incredibly loving. Always ready for a scratch or a treat; her energy was fantastic. Sasha was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer almost a year ago so we decided to do a doggie bucket list. We traveled to several states so she could “leave her mark”. We will miss this sweet loving little girl. I love her and want to thank her for all the love and friendship she gave my wife and I. Sasha, see you on the other side sweetie.

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