Jan 12, 2024

Captain was the best dog I’ve ever met. He was so sweet, so adorable, and so well-behaved. We got him from a shelter when he was 2, and had him until last August, when we had to let him go at 13. Walking through the rooms filled with cages and barking dogs, he stood out because he was just laying calmly at the back of his cage. When I knelt to look at him and called to him, he came over and licked my fingers and wagged his tail. He was listed as a lost and found, so he didn’t have a name or any history, but it was love at first sight: I knew I had met the dog that was my soulmate. He loved playing fetch – a ball was the only toy he ever wanted. He was our hiking buddy, walking buddy, and camping buddy. He stuck with me to climb our first 14er when he was 10. He used to moo like a cow sometimes. He was always too hot because he had a thick, wavy coat. He wasn’t a cuddler, but he always wanted to be touching you or underfoot. He rarely barked, and only occasionally whined. He was most content to just be with us, whatever we were doing. His quiet companionship was a treasure for us, and I miss him every single day. I know he’s no longer feeling the pain of old age and I’m glad of it, but I wasn’t ready to lose his love and company. It was an honor to know him. I hope I see him again someday.