Jan 10, 2024

Benny, from the moment you hopped in our laps at the Dumb Friends League 13 years ago, our lives were never the same again.

You were fearless, inexhaustible, and just a little crazy in the best way. The bond was undeniable and the inseparability mutual.

I’ll never forget our backpacking trips together; Huddled in the base of my sleeping bag while the thunder rolled across the lake, high above treeline. Or being awoken by your licks on my face, some nine hours after we had passed out in the tent together, utterly exhausted from the twenty-odd miles you ran that day.

It gives us comfort to know that you neither feared death, nor were aware of its presence. As far as you knew, our family was forever. But after fifteen trips around our sun, you are home now, never to be parted from those mountains, meadows, and thoughts of the family that you loved so much. We gave you the best that we had.

Thank you, Benny, for all the joy and happiness you heaped upon us, and it only hurts because we loved so deeply. Although the void you left is cavernous, we wouldn’t have had it any other way. Rest easy good buddy, and know that a piece of our hearts is with you always, and yours with ours. We’ll miss you so much.