Jan 9, 2024

A 3 year old basset hound with the most loveable eyes you’d ever seen. Born in Texas, he picked up the duty of kitten dad and is the only basset hound that could never howl, no matter how hard I tried to teach him. By 5 months, he’d already beat parvo. At 7 months old, he has now made friends with a grumpy old dog named Owen even though he would get snapped at, found fun in ”playing” with the ducks (I don’t think they shared the feeling), and his best friend was a kitten named Rose who takes trips in Clover’s mouth. At 3 years old, nothing had changed except Rose had kittens, and Clover had no idea they weren’t his children. Even though he tracked dirt and mud in the house, splashed water everywhere, and if not splashed, it dripped from his mouth and barked at anything that he thought could move, he is what makes the household smile and laugh more than we ever knew. I say ”is” rather than ”was” because even though he has since passed, when I think of Clover, I can’t help but smile and try to hear his bark from across the house.

There won’t be another dog like Clover because Clover wasn’t just a dog; he was family. When Clover came into my life, it felt like I gained a brother or best friend who wasn’t weird to cuddle with. We would play, watch movies, have conversations, and even argue. Me and my family would always laugh and say, ”He doesn’t know he’s a dog,” and, honestly, neither did we; we knew he was so much more.

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