Sep 20, 2023

My Sweet Ruger Boy

You completed our pup pack. We had to have a fence installed at the Legacy house because of you. You taught us about ‘Happy Tail’. Even during your last few months of fighting cancer, you continued to create a crime scene on the walls & doors of the new house. It got to the point that your tail was bald near the area from the nonstop bandage use. Aside from the cleanup, another downside of being so happy, is your tail became a whip. The Aussies would squint when you got excited and were near them. People would vocalize the strength and pain of your tail when they encountered it. I got thigh bruises from it.

You were only naughty with the occasional counter surfing. Which unfortunately increased once you started the steroids for palliative care. It got to the point that you would try to eat a bag of screws or random fittings for the new gas lines. You loved to steal tissues and paper towels.

I’ve said it before and will reiterate that you were a broken lab, who didn’t like water and wouldn’t fetch. You loved moving shoes around the house and always had something in your mouth. You were gentle with all types of stuffed animals unless SoCo started to shred them. You’d tell on yourself when you had something in your mouth hidden behind whatever baby you were carrying.
You snored like a grown man.

You were an incredible dog who loved to cuddle with me on the couch, ice cubes and sunbathing.
You were earthbound for 5 years 9 months or 2100 days. You were part of the our family for 5 years 5 months 9 days or 1988 days and that will never be enough time with you. I’m sorry the cancer wasn’t caught sooner. I’m thankful you didn’t seem to suffer once we found out the diagnosis. I’m forever grateful that we were able to spoil you and ensure you lived your best life.

Thank you for choosing me to be your person.

Thank you Dr Emily Plock for being so patient and kind with our family during this difficult time.

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