Mew Mew

May 21, 2023

We had to say goodbye to our sweet little Queen Mew Mew. Her old and fragile 18 y/o little body couldn’t continue any longer.

We loved this little waif-y girl with all our hearts and saying goodbye was the hardest.

She was such a cat in many ways but so human in others. She was a sassy little princess that despised her own species but loved people and tolerated dogs.

She was our kitchen counter queen which was appropriate because she loved food and being high up (so she could simultaneously judge and look down on you, we assumed).

She was demanding and vocal so she had no problem yelling at the top of her lungs at 4am for a bowl refill.

She was oh-so-soft and waif-y and loved chin scritches (but if you dared touch her belly or flanks, you would get the hardest and meanest bite in your life regardless of whether it was your first offense – Mews Mews did not give warnings when boundaries were violated, only bites and scratches).

She did, however, give lots of love and affection (despite her occasional No No Bite).

She loved nothing more than finding new and comfy nap spots and especially loved curling up on a warm human chest/lap or in a nice warm sunspot. Sleeping was her forte and the best part was when you’d reach out to pet her during one of her Z sessions and the minute your palm touched her silky soft fur she would make the most ear pleasing sound known to woman:

Moos Moos was the queen of our house. She got the entire first floor to herself (and full-time access to the second) – all so that she didn’t have to interact with her own kind (aka her feline sisters and brothers). She was spoiled and constantly catered to and she deserved every bit of it. We’re going to miss our little Mum Mums so much!

Our house is already so empty without the sound of her little 4 pound body jumping off our counter onto the wood floor or her “yarbaling” demand for food at odd hours of the early morning. We no longer have our soft little lap warmer and our kitchen counter accessory. I have also lost my graveyard shift work companion.

She truly brightened up our house and lives and we’re so grateful to have shared 14 years of our lives with this complicated and wonderful little creature. She left a huge and permanent mark on our hearts and we will never forget her, our little gecko girl.

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