Apr 18, 2024

Caring Pathways assisted our Tazzie over the Rainbow Bridge 🌈 and she peacefully snored her way across. “Sissy” was diagnosed with a liver tumor last August and was given 1-3 months. The cancer quickly metastasized to her spleen, but “Ms. Princess Snottyface” showed the vet that they can’t tell her how to live her life. In fact, nobody told “Tazz-o-Reno” how to live her life. She was tougher than a boot and had a mind of her own. “Razz-ma-Taz” never once, in her 12 years, would come to me when called. I swear her looks were really “flipping me the bird” or rolling her eyes.

The “Tazzmania” leaves behind a very sad Henry, who is trying to find her, but she is now ruling Heaven and will meet us on the other side of the bridge, when our time comes. I can’t thank Caring Pathways enough for the compassion showed to us today at home.

Your momma and daddy aren’t going to be able to sleep tonight without your snoring.

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