Dec 22, 2022

Oscar Meyer Angell was born December 23, 2008 and crossed the rainbow bridge on August 19, 2022. He peacefully passed away in his mama’s arms under the care of a Hospice Vet. He is preceded in death by his grandpa Angell, cousin Ross and K9 cousin Matilda. He is survived by his loving mama, Amy, human brother, Ethan. His Grandma Angell, Aunt Arin and Uncle Alan, human cousin, Gabby and K9 cousins Lola and Izzy. He also had 2 more aunts and 1 uncle and all his other human cousins-too many to name, but he loved them all very much. Oscar was the sweetest boy and his mama knows his purpose was share his love with all he met, but especially with those that really needed it. He took his job of “Taking the Sads” very seriously, he just seemed to know who needed him and would not rest until he was on that lap.
In his spare time, aside from naps, he enjoyed walks/strolls where he would dutifully pee on everything he sniffed, and he LOVED the opportunity to poop in the yards of Mama’s friends, in fact it was always the first thing he did when they arrived! He was determined to let everyone know “Oscar was here”. He thoroughly enjoyed chasing bunnies, squirrels and sometimes even birds. His absolute favorite thing was to play bubbles! He LOVED biting all the bubbles before they could reach the ground and would let Mama know when she was starting to slack on her bubble blowing if need be. Oscar knew the names of every single one of his toys and was always up for a game of fetch. Oscar loved treats, but human snacks were his favorite, especially Ice Cream. He would sit patiently and wait for mama to share with him, which she always did of course!
Oscar often caught the attention of passersby because of his scruff, mohawk and larger than life personality in that little body. Oscar wasn’t a fan of dogs bigger than him and often picked a fight with the friendly big dogs. The nicer the big dog was, the angrier it made Oscar, which of course drove his mama crazy. Oscar was VERY afraid of cats, the smaller the cat, the scarier!
In Oscar’s later years he really began to embrace his inner dachshund. He became very mouthy and had no problem telling you what was on his mind. He also became very stubborn and loved to pretend he didn’t know the house rules anymore. Like a typical old man, he began to have selective hearing… his mama was so convinced that he was losing his hearing she scheduled a vet appointment only to be told his hearing “Is just fine” to which she replied, “So you’re telling me my dog is just an asshole then?” 😊
From the moment when Mama and Ethan laid eyes on Oscar, they knew he was the one. He quickly stole his mama’s heart, and he was her whole world the entirety of his almost 14 years. Oscar was her ride or die as she often proclaimed, “If Oscar can’t go, then I’m not going.” Oscar loved car rides and would love to go anywhere with his mama as he just wanted to be by her side no matter what. He even humored her this year and became her co-pilot when she decided 2022 was the year of road trips. He reluctantly even co-piloted from the backseat when everyone knows Oscar is a “Front Seat Dog”. When it was all done, Oscar basically drove from coast to coast with his mama. He even crashed a girl’s weekend to Colorado Wine Country with Mama and her friends. Oscar lived a very full life and touched the hearts of all he met, but the heart he touched and changed the most was his mama’s. She is a better person-kinder, caring and patient having been so lucky to be his mama. Her life is forever changed because of Oscar, and he can rest peacefully knowing his job is well done.

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