Testimonial from Tom Scott

Jan 27, 2022

This was our first experience and having our vet recommend Caring Pathways was a helpful path for us. Dr. Tara Poyer DVM was so kind and understanding and explained and made sure I understood the process and what to to expect. She took her time and made sure I was comfortable with each step of the process and we progressed.
Even at the end she was so gentle with our girl with putting her on the stretcher and even putting a blanket over her. Once in her vehicle she even asked if I would be okay with covering her head after giving my last goodbye.
It is unfortunate that a family needs to make the decision I strongly support using Caring Pathways as the pet is in their home and comfort instead of the streets of taking to a veterinary office and in a strange place.
Even though we had to say goodbye to our girl the calmness and not having to make a drive home but could deal with the loss in my own home.
Again so grateful for Tara and caring pathways with helping get through this for us and Sierra.

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