Testimonial from Cynthia Collins

Jan 24, 2022

In the midst of the pandemic and still intensely grieving the loss of my parents, my dear cat Lenny was the light that kept shining on, but at 16-17 years old, his health could no longer sustain him, and yet letting him go was the hardest decision to have to make. Caring Pathways scheduled Dr. Eddie Desko to help get me and my little angel through what was clearly the right thing to do, and it gave me comfort knowing that Dr. Eddie is a veterinarian who could confirm that decision. Even though I got one full last day with my kitty, a little more time with him was greatly appreciated. There was no rushing the process, and Dr. Eddie made sure that Lenny was completely comfortable through each stage of the process and that he didn’t experience any pain or anxiety. After Lenny was gone, Dr. Eddie offered as much time as needed to say my final goodbyes. I can’t imagine anyone else being able to out-shine Dr. Eddie in his understanding, kindness, professionalism, caring, and compassionate approach to this awful process, making it easier to accept and go through. He was awesome, as I am sure all of Caring Pathways’ vets are, but I felt so fortunate that it was Dr. Eddie who came to my home. The grief support with Mandi Browning was also awesome. She fully understands how the loss of a beloved pet affects us and she helped me feel better about such a devastating loss. The whole team is topnotch, and I was so lucky that my choice was to have Caring Pathways help my kitty and me through this end of life process.

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