Testimonial from Denise Barnes

Jan 9, 2022

Pickles was the last of our chihuahuas and we had been through this difficult process before. Our other 2 dogs were taken to the vet when it was time to go and we could not be with them. We decided to call Caring Pathways when it came time for Pickles to pass last October and I am so glad we did. It was very peaceful; he was able to be in his bed with his favorite toy and blankets. We were able to talk to him and hold him so he was not alone. The vet gave us as much time as we needed with his body and when it came time for Pickles to be take away, she gently wrapped him in his blanket, placed him in a basket and was very respectful. I have recommended Caring Pathways to my friends who have had to make this decision and I will continue to do so. What a blessing your team is to those of us who struggle with letting a pet go!

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