Testimonial from Brad and Michelle

Jan 24, 2022

Dr. Megan Coveyou was incredible. She was extremely patient, compassionate, competent, and loving towards our 12+ year old English Bulldog, Huey. Dr. Megan was as gentle as could be, and our elderly little best friend walked right up to her and was at ease immediately. We dreaded having to say goodbye to a companion who dutifully and loyally witnessed so many important times on our lives. We cared very much that he be treated gently and with dignity in his final moments. Dr. Megan performed beautifully in her role. The patience she exhibited while we held Huey for the last time was so appreciated. Dr. Megan is a credit to her profession and should be considered an excellent choice for any family that wishes for a proper send off of their pet.

With warmest regards and our deepest respect,

Brad and Michelle

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