COVID-19 Updates and Policy Changes - Updated March 27th

We understand these are unfamiliar and trying times for everyone, especially in the midst of potentially losing a beloved friend. Our veterinarians continue to serve in-home appointments.

With the "stay at home" and social distancing measures taking place in our service areas, we ask that you follow these guidelines and requests when our veterinarians visit your home.  Please partner with us and maintain a 6-10 foot distance with the veterinarian at all times, its not a suggestion but a requirement for service until State of Colorado restrictions are lifted.

Note: Our goal for taking these added precautions is to ultimately help stop the spread of this virus, while still helping the families in need of our services.

Before our veterinarian arrives:

  • Honestly and clearly communicate in-home conditions with our team. We must respect quarantines and cannot serve homes under required quarantine.
  • From this point moving forward, we request the appointment take place outside or in an open and uncluttered garage.
  • Please wash your hands and disinfect common areas of touch such as door handles and surfaces in the room your pet is located.the appointments we can serve at present will be limited as follows
  • Please contact our team If conditions change prior to your scheduled appointment.

When our veterinarian arrives:

  • You’ll receive a phone call when the veterinarian arrives at your home so they can begin the conversation about the appointment from their vehicle.
  • Our veterinarians will be practicing the social distancing mandate given to Colorado during this time. We kindly and strongly request that you maintain the rule of 6 feet of separation during their visit.
  • Our veterinarians are very caring, but for everyone's health we are refraining from handshakes and hugs.
  • Please help with opening doors, being mindful of washing your hands, and covering your coughs.
  • We do understand your need to feel to help at this time. Our veterinarians all respectfully request you wait for their instruction on any help they could use from you. Including: bringing supplies in from their car, we ask that you not help unless advised to do so by the DVM.

As our veterinarian leaves:

  • We politely ask that all personal blankets, bedding and beds remain at your home at this time.

COVID-19 Policy Changes

Emergency Appointment Availability Suspension (Between 9:30PM through 7:00AM): 

As of March 20th, 2020, we have suspended emergency appointments between 9:30PM and 7:00AM in order to allow our veterinarians additional time for taking care of themselves and their families during these uncertain times. If you experience an emergency during this period, please contact an emergency veterinary clinic in your area. We will reconsider the situation in early April and hope to return to serving emergency appointments 24/7 as soon as possible.

Completing the Appointment Outside or Garage:

The appointments we can serve at this present time will be for pets that can be sedated and euthanized outside or in an open, uncluttered garage with no restraint (or restraint like assistance) from anyone other than the veterinarian.

After Care Considerations:

In the event that your pet weighs more than 35 pounds, although our veterinarians will be able to serve the medical needs of your pet, we will not be able to provide direct after care. In these cases, we will provide information from our cremation services partner who will be able to coordinate transport after the appointment.

Agressive Pet Appointments:

Beginning March 17th 2020, we have suspended aggressive pet appointments because additional personnel is required. If you have an aggressive pet situation, please call your current veterinarian or an emergency veterinary clinic in your area. 

Appointment Participants:

Please limit people that attend the appointment to only those who live in the home. We understand that saying goodbye to a pet can involve extended family, friends, and neighbors but please help protect our veterinarians from increased exposure. Please do not gather at the time of the appointment but plan accordingly before the appointment.

Fee Transactions/Paperwork:

In order to help prevent the virus transmission during appointments, our veterinarians will prepare consent and transaction forms and ask clients to verbally and/or digitally approve. For example, after completion of a form, the veterinarian will snap a picture and text it with a request to send a reply text indicating approval. If text messaging or email is not possible, the veterinarian will prepare the forms and ask the client to sign with their own pen. In addition, extra measures may be taken when swiping credit cards for transactions to limit physical contact. 

Custom Urns:

In a typical appointment, our veterinarians share a catalog of urns and other memorial options. We have suspended urn selection at the appointment but clients can purchase an urn directly from the website of our cremation services provider. More information will be provided during the appointment.

Helpful Information

The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) has compiled an informative list of FAQ's for pet owners in regards to the current COVID-19 spread. Here are a couple of the questions answered in this document:

  • "Can SARS-CoV-2 infect pets and can it be spread by pets to other animals, including people?"
  • "What should I do to prepare for my pet’s care in the event I do become ill?"
  • "Is testing for SARS-CoV-2 available for animals in the United States?"

Click on the link below to open the FAQ document. Stay healthy and safe everyone 💜.

AVMA Pet Owner's COVID-19 FAQ's


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