Testimonial from Bob Mesenbrink

May 15, 2023

In his last months, Toby would get stressed out by being away from home. Car rides were torture for him. So learning about Caring Pathways was a blessing. We didn’t want to make his last memory a horrifying trip to the vet’s office. When Toby’s time came, we were able to schedule it a few days ahead so we had time to adjust to the idea. Dr. Chris Hoppe came to our house, sat on the floor next to Toby, and took things really slowly. Eventually Toby became comfortable around Chris. While talking about Toby’s condition, and memories of his better days, we too came to some peace. The loss of Toby, who was with us for 14 years, was hard to take. But knowing and seeing him go free of pain, totally relaxed and relieved was a big comfort. Thank you Dr. Chris and Caring Pathways.


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