Mark Hernandez

Feb 23, 2018

Dr. Lori Lowery, a special thanks to you for your sincere kind and gentle way in helping my Sachi transition into her eternal life. My Sachi had grown quite old and was in her end stage of life; she was quite old and ill. That Saturday morning I just knew it was time, I could not stand to see her suffer any longer. When I called Caring Pathways, they sent to us Lori who was most understanding and caring; I was a mess, filled with doubt and emotion. Lori guided us through every step. My Sachi drifted into her final moments and I saw genuine peace come to her. I know that Sachi had a safe journey as she joined Khan, Wiley, Tisha and Mikey; who await my arrival at the Rainbow Bridge, where we shall reunite and spend eternity TOGETHER. Again, thank you Dr. Lowery. You are truly an angel.

-Mark Hernandez

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