Kim & Michael

Feb 23, 2018

I just wanted to thank Dr. Lori Lowery and Caring Pathways for making Hayduke’s passing so peaceful. Michael & I are so grateful for the loving care Lori provided to all of us. We knew Hayduke’s time was short and were concerned that finding help for him would be difficult during the holidays. We had resolved that Hayduke would spend his last moments at home, with us, and not make a stressful trip to the vet’s office. Our vet, Hampden Family, recommended Caring Pathways to us. Hayduke was doing great, but on his last day, we knew his time had come. I was able to sit with him all day as he dozed. He was completely at peace, and Lori’s soft presence did not cause him any stress at all. My tears were tears of gratitude. For Hayduke’s long and happy 15 year life and for the peaceful, loving passage Lori provided. I am so thankful that Caring Pathways is here, 24/7, for our dear pets and their people.

Sincerely, Kim & Michael

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