Joanne Solem

Feb 23, 2018

Dear people at Caring Pathways,

On Friday I said a bitter sweet goodbye to my best friend, business partner and house mate of 16.5 years. Charlie was an extremely sensitive dog and needed the kind of care you provide, more than any other dog I’ve had the privilege to know. He was terrorized by the cold sounds and smells of vets offices and could not take even a hint of the “procedures” that might be involved.

Stacee’s (Dr Kim) soft, quiet help during this difficult moment in our lives was salve to a raw wound. I would have been haunted by anything other than a gentle good by, but it turned out to be so comfortable for Charlie that I will forever be grateful to Dr Stacee for her care and softness. She made sure he left me in the quietest way possible and it gives me peace to think of his last moments.

I had contacted you one year ago to make the decisions and prepare for the cost, before I was faced with this moment. Everyone I spoke to was amazing.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for this amazing service you all provide,
Joanne Solem

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