Jack and Kendall Ring

Feb 23, 2018

A few weeks ago we had to have our beloved lab Colonel put down. For 14 years he was pure joy and gave us unconditional love. But late one Friday night he suddenly took a turn for the worst and it was time. I called Caring Pathways and talked to Dr. Kim. She was in Thornton and would come all the way down to Highlands Ranch to help us. I just want to say that Dr. Kim was such a blessing to us at a very difficult and trying time that night. The book by Dr. Alan Wolfelt on mourning your pet that she left with us was and still is a tremendous help. Also the card with the Rainbow Bridge poem on it is something that helped and is still a source of comfort. We miss our Colonel very very much because he was definitely a part of our family and was such a big and wonderful part of my day. I am so very much looking forward to seeing Colonel again one day.

Please thank Dr. Kim for her kindness that night and for her caring and understanding.

May God bless you.

Jack and Kendall Ring

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