Joanna Van Gieson

Feb 23, 2018

The time had come to look at euthanasia for our sweet 14 year old dog Zoey who was our first child. We knew we wanted someone to come to our home to do it as we wanted Zoey to be as comfortable as possible plus we wanted our 8 year old daughter there and knew she’d be more comfortable showing emotions at home. Kimberly on the phone was so nice and patient with me as I tried to talk thru sobs. Dr. Megan showed up right on time and immediately went to Zoey, petting and talking to her. We explained what was going on and she agreed it was time. Dr. Megan explained everything to our daughter in very easy to understand terms and answered questions. Dr. Megan was very nice, compassionate, patient and understanding of our concerns for Zoey and our daughter’s comfort. When Zoey had passed Dr. Megan patiently waited outside while we said our final good byes and then with the utmost compassion and concern she put Zoey on a blanket on a stretcher, covering her with a blanket with her head on a pillow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Zoey look so peaceful. It was just the image we needed to remember our sweet dog. I can’t thank Dr. Megan and Caring Pathways enough, I highly recommend them!! Thank you so much!
Joanna Van Gieson

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