Angela Panek RN MS FNP-BC

Feb 23, 2018

Dr. Megan,
I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for the excellent care you have Leland and the caring you have to all of us as well. I picked up his ashes today and I loved the paw print you made. Much better than the one we made for him! And the two girls in the office taking time away from what they were working on to come and talk to me about Leland was so nice…

For one of the worst things in my life to have to experience, you made it amazing! You explaining the process and then carrying it out with minimal invasion to our loving on him made it so much less painless. It was like you weren’t even there. And I truly believe that he is just sleeping as we never really saw the transition from sedation to death, which I really felt made a huge difference! And the care you took with his body after passing made me feel so much more at peace.

I cannot thank you enough and have already let people know about your company and the amazing services you have provided at such a painful time. If you could pass this email on to Larry as well, I would greatly appreciate it!!
Angela Panek RN MS FNP-BC

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