Cecilia, Mark, Casey & Grayson

Feb 23, 2018

Dear Dr. Lori, Thank you for your great kindness. Our hearts are still so heavy, since the loss of our dear Angus. I still swing wide around the corner when exiting our living room – stepping over where his big bed used to be,, out of habit. Our house no longer feels like “home” anymore, without Angus running through the halls or leaping down the stairs. As a result, it’s been somewhat easier to put the house on the market for sale. I cannot convey how much your calming, almost angelic, presence helped us through this ordeal. You are truly a treasure Thank you so very, very much for being there for us and for sweet Angus. You and the Caring Pathways team have our prayers and best wishes. Thank you again, Cecilia, Mark, Casey & Grayson

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