Feb 26, 2018

Our beloved Tanman was our pride and joy for over 11 and half years. He routinely made us laugh with his goofball nature, gregarious personality and pony-like gait. He was our pal and companion no matter what adventure we set out on. He loved to swim and frolic at any watering hole he could find; dog park ponds, alpine lakes, shallow streams, you name it. He was our protector and our pony boy.

When he was diagnosed with cancer a while back we knew it was only a matter of time before we had to say goodbye. Fortunately, we thoroughly enjoyed his company for another three wonderful years because of the care of the good folks at VRCC.

The past couple of months he started to slow down immensely. I called Caring Pathways to set up a time after Tanner was unable to stand or walk because of his reemerging cancer. They were very helpful and compassionate through the whole process. Dr. Megan Coveyou was the veterinarian to perform the procedure, and we were very relieved when she walked us through the entire procedure with kindness and empathy. She assured us that Tanner was ready and reaffirmed our belief that it was his time.

We are thankful and grateful for her and the entire staff at Caring Pathways for helping us say goodbye to Tanner in a humane and respectful manner.

Tanner is no longer by our side, but forever in our hearts. RIP best friend forever.

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