Feb 26, 2018

Haas: my furry kid, my best friend, my companion,

Tomorrow ends our physical journey together and I am beyond heartbroken. Almost 10 years ago, you survived Hurricane Rita and several tornadoes that touched down in your hometown of Hackberry, LA. One day, in all that devastation, you sat on my feet, put your head down on my shoulder and picked me. It is a day that forever changed my life. I will forever say that it is you who saved me and made me a better human being. You and I have shared so many adventures and so many life experiences. Forever in my heart you have never wavered in your love and not once have you ever left my side. You have known me at times, sometimes better than I’ve known myself, and you always knew when to do the perfect doggy grin, plant some slobber or just cuddle close. A couple of nights ago when the only way to comfort you was to cuddle with you in your doggy bed, I realized how blessed I am that you had a final romp and roam in the course of a year, at two of your favorite places, Archer’s Poudre River Resort and Third Street Apple Orchard. I have been praying so hard the last few days that I am making the right decision and right now at this moment, I don’t know if it makes it any easier or harder that you forgive me for whatever decision I make, even though in your heart there is no forgiving that is needed. It is so hard to imagine physical life without you in it. You and I connected on such a level, I shall be forever thankful. Peaceful and pain free journey my best friend…Forever romp, roam, bless lives on a different “plain” and until we meet again…