Feb 23, 2018

Chance you were the best Saint Bernard anyone could ever ask for. You loved everyone and everything except ham, you hated ham. We couldn’t go anywhere with you without someone stopping us and asking to pet you. You were a beautiful animal inside and out you brought great joy to our lives the past 11 years. And it’s going to be hard to go on without you but we will always have the memories you gave us.

Chance was diagnosed with bone cancer just a few days before we said goodbye. We knew it would be selfish to let you continue in so much pain. The pain medication was not helping him no matter how much I gave him. He would sleep for an hour and wake up crying in so much pain. We knew it was time and we didn’t want to take you to the Vets office you deserved to go in peace and where you were comfortable.

I wanted to say thank you to Kelly Knoll for her compassion through this tough time. I remember her calling Chance “magnificent” she knew exactly what he was and Magnificent described him well. When the time comes for the rest of our animals I know I want Caring Pathways to be here for their farewell.

Chance you will be missed but never forgotten.

RIP “Chance”

Dayna & Justin