Caydee Belle

Jan 6, 2020

To our dear Caydee Belle who passed on December 17,2019,

There is an empty place where you always laid and such a pain in our hearts that won’t go away. We couldn’t have asked for a better friend you were always so faithful to us until the end. Now you are running free with your sister, Peyton pain free but we are missing you so. Someday we will all meet again and you and Peyton will run into our arms. Then your Dad can take you for more walks again. We miss that whenever we came home you were right there to see us, I miss how you laid with me when I was sick. We miss how you chased squirrels in the backyard and we miss you unconditional love you had for both of us. You and your goofy little barking spells and rolling around out in the grass and then bringing it inside and shaking. We will love you and miss you forever Caydee Belle.

Steve and Michele Powers


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