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The Journey to Goodbye: Part 6

Written by: Mandi Browning Mabel is doing well! She has seemed to gain some of her weight back and is eating and drinking all right. She still has moments where she seems confused; crying out until one of us comes to her. We are going to be gone on vacation for a week and I…


The Journey to Goodbye: Part 5

Written by: Mandi Browning Today is Mabel’s 16th birthday and also the anniversary of the death of her brother, Goku. It is a strange day for us and we celebrate one of our babies and grieve the other. Mabel is doing pretty well. Her appetite hasn’t been too good but she seems to have good…

mabel the cat laying on carpet

The Journey to Goodbye: Part 4

Written by: Mandi Browning We are going out of town for 4 days. Although Mabel is doing well, it is always a bit unnerving to leave her for that long. Kidney issues can come on so quickly and I worry that she will become ill and I will not be able to get to her…


The Journey to Goodbye: Part 3

Written by: Mandi Browning Mabel loves to help me work. Today I had to call a few clients for grief support and she sat on my lap the entire time. It is moments like this that I will miss when she is gone. I know that it is important to stay positive for her and…


The Journey to Goodbye: Part 2

Written by: Mandi Browning Mabel is my shadow. She has always been very attached to me…and I am pretty attached to her. Whenever I am home, she is at my side. I have never been apart from her for more than a week. She is my yoga partner, my work partner and my buddy! Mabel…


The Journey to Goodbye

Written by: Mandi Browning Mabel is my 15 year old tabby cat. She came to me at 8 months old after being in a pet store that was shut down for neglect. Mabel was very sick and a bit mean. She only weighed a pound and fit in the palm of my hand, but acted…


Top 10 Cat Emergencies

Cats often become reclusive and hide when they are not feeling well, which makes knowing when they need to be seen by your veterinarian a challenge. They have unique signs of emergency conditions that often go unrecognized by owners. Some injuries are obvious, such as a cat with an open wound, while others have more…


Easter Pet Poisons

The veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline receive hundreds of calls this time of year from pet owners and veterinarians concerning cats that have ingested Easter lilies. “Unbeknownst to many pet owners, Easter lilies are highly toxic to cats,” said Ahna Brutlag, DVM, MS assistant director at Pet Poison Helpline. “All parts of the Easter lily plant are poisonous…


Caring for Pets When It Matters Most

Pets are part of the family, but sadly, they’re only with us for a season. Once that season nears its end, a decision must be made about helping them make their end-of-life transition. Of course, this is never an easy task. At Caring Pathways, we understand how difficult this time can be for a pet…


5 Winter Safety Tips for Pets

Here at Caring Pathways, we want to do more than just provide end-of-life-care for pets. We want to help pet owners keep their pets well for as long as possible by providing them with some safety tips throughout the year. Now that we’re in winter, there are some potential dangers that can await your pet,…


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