What sets us apart?

The Caring Pathways team operates on a very personal level, ensuring that we are doing exactly what our clients need for their pets. We operate on an on-call basis because we believe it is so important for our team to be available whenever we are needed. We know how important the personal care for our clients really is and we make every effort to respond to calls as quickly as possible, as a part of our commitment to excellent service.

Hear from the testimonials of other pet owners

Testimonial from Barbara Adams

Dr. Kelly was so considerate and so so gentle with our old cat Charlie. I am glad for the gentleness of her. I’d have her back anytime.

Testimonial from the Fero Family

I want to thank Caring Pathways for the excellent and respectful treatment of our sweet little Sasha. The consideration, the gentle way Dr. Eddie approached and treated Sasha was a comfort to my wife and I. With a gentle manner and touch, Dr. Eddie helped Sasha pass onward. Sasha went to sleep with my hand…

Testimonial from Dr. Lisa McCarthy

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is so difficult and sad. As a veterinarian, I have assisted many clients with this transition for their wonderful pets. But when it came time for my sweet girl, Poppy, I needed help so that I could just be present as her mom through the process. Caring Pathways was…

Testimonial from Eric Shaw

We were highly impressed by your service. Everything from the initial call, through the entire process, and even receiving my beloved pet’s ashes was done with grace and humility. Dr. Megan was an absolute saint and made us feel very comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. I would highly recommend Caring Pathways to anyone in need…

Testimonial from Nick Eiler

This is such an amazing service. Dr. Lori was great and very kind and helped make this process as comfortable as possible. Saying goodbye to your best friend is incredibly hard but I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Words from one of our veterinarians, Dr. Mavi Graves:

"As an end-of-life veterinarian, providing as smooth and peaceful of a transition as possible for pets in the comfort of home is a vocation I honestly look forward to every day. I still cry a little bit almost every day supporting pets and pet families on what may be the saddest day of their life, but I am always honored to help families give their pets the gift of a good death at the end of a life well-lived. As one end-of-life vet put it, 'Where there is grief, there is great love, and all day long I’m looking at that love.'"


A compassionate way to say goodbye.