Tom LaRotonda

Feb 23, 2018

It is with honor that I write this testimonial about Caring Pathways. It was only two days ago that I had to put my precious companion of 14 years put to sleep. Her name was Murphy and she was the sweetest and most endearing cat that I have ever known. Making the decision to end her life was gut wrenching. Yet I knew it was the right thing to do. Not having a regular vet I searched the internet and ran across Caring Pathways. From the moment I made the first call I energetically could sense the compassion that was present. Little did I know how deep that compassion would go. When Dr. Larry Magnuson, or Larry as he insisted I call him, showed up, I knew I was in the presence of a man who practiced unconditional love. Who he was “being” made the entire experience of Murphy’s transition so beautiful and honoring. He explained everything thoroughly and I felt he was completely present with Murphy and me. He wasn’t performing a task. He was demonstrating an act of love. I knew he was there to expertly help me and Murphy walk through a very difficult yet sacred moment of life. He literally brought God’s grace into the world. I am filled with gratitude for everyone at Caring Pathways. If you are looking for people who understand what you are experiencing and can meet you were you are in your moment of grief and sadness…these ARE the people you can count on and trust. They are an exception in this world that has forgotten what true service is about.

Sincerely ~ Tom LaRotonda

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