Testimonial from Sue Sullivan

Nov 6, 2020

I cannot say enough about how grateful I am that we chose Caring Pathways and Dr. Emilea Burton for Sunny’s euthanasia. Dr. Burton was the kindest, calmest, most affirming, and reassuring veterinarian I have ever worked with. I always agonize about when is the right time to let an old dog go, and Dr. Burton talked us through the behavioral markers of quality of life and made me feel so comfortable that I was making the right decision. She was incredibly respectful of Sunny and our younger dog, as well as our whole family. She took things slowly, she allowed everyone to settle into the process and let us have as much time as we needed at various stages, to prepare and to process. It was truly a beautiful, affirming experience and so unexpected for me, to feel this complete and at peace with the death of a beloved dog. When our neighbors’ sweet boxer developed a fast-moving case of cancer a few months later, I recommended Dr. Burton to them as well. On the day that Dr. Burton was able to give their girl a peaceful passing, I had the husband drive by and stop to say how grateful he was that we shared the recommendation and how peaceful and meaningful their pup’s death was, for her and them. (On a more prosaic note, I did speak with a neighbor who had brought her dog in to our mutual vet for euthanasia, prior to COVID, and realized that it really wasn’t more than $60 or $70 extra to have Caring Pathways to the house, but the experience of an at-home death was immeasurably more peaceful and connective, especially in this pandemic.) I so appreciated that we could all gather around Sunny as she drifted off, and that our young dog could be present for and integrate the experience as well. Now, a few months out, I have to say I feel really complete around Sunny’s death. I don’t have any lingering questions about the timing or what she might have felt in her final minutes. That peace is priceless.
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