Testimonial from Shay Newell

May 17, 2022

A very special thank you to Caring Pathways and Dr. Ashley Barthel for guiding us through this process and making sure our Kaya’s final moments were filled with love, compassion, & peace.

Yesterday (5/16/22) we held our precious Kaya Bear in our arms as she took her last breath. We chose to have her home with us and her brother, surrounded by all of the comforts and love of her home. We lost a piece of our hearts. Since being diagnosed with Transitional Cell Carcinoma nearly 17 months ago, our girl put up the bravest fight and really showed us so much strength and courage. Her fight was over, and it was time for her to rest. We weren’t quite ready to let her go, but we never would have been ready.

We will miss our girl so much and love her forever. She made our family whole. We are so grateful for Caring Pathways and Dr. Ashley. We truly couldn’t have made it through the day without you!

Rest well, sweet Kaya. We love you so much.

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